Meet the entire team.


Mandy Geijselaers

When there is a question, Mandy is there to answer. Mandy is monitoring woundmonitor and provides Athira a helping hand when she needs a colleague to discuss with.

INITIATOR | the dude

Luc Laumen

He made the impossible possible by starting a legal woundcare project in less than 2 months. He’s still endeavouring to get the best results in the project.

initiator | the other dude

Freek Coumans

Together with Luc he challenged the biggest issues when setting up the project in India. Beside that, he’s mainly responsible for the communication.

director bbeterzorg

Robert Coumans

He said yes to one of the craziest idea’s he ever heard of.. starting a woundcare center in India. He is the one who helps us to professionalize our project.  

nurse practitioner ZUYDERLAND | coach

Lorisa Peters

Lorisa traveled the world, has an extraordinary knowledge about woundcare and is more then motivated to help SISP Woundcare to the next level.

Manager Director at S.I.S.P.

Paul van Gelder

The founder of S.I.S.P. is always willing to make the world a better place. As a former nurse he was exited and willing to provide a workplace and coach on the spot.

chairman at Pallium india

M. R. Rajagopal

As a selected candidate for a nobel prize we are pleased that Rajagopal and his organisation contribute to the project by sharing knowledge about the district with us.

Manager Kovalam skateclub


Vineeth is always willing to help. He knows how to get things done and he facilitated all the materials which where needed to start the project and create a proper working space.

Manager at S.I.S.P.

Mohan Nair

You will walk into his office with a problem and walk out the door with the right contacts and solutions. Mohan has all the connections to set up a solid basis for a project.

manager kovalam surfclub

Mani Sreekumar

Mani is the Kovalam Surfclub guru, guide and a handsome handyman. He is the genuine guy who helped us out whenever we thought things weren’t possible

editor / communication specialist

Danique Jaspers

As a freelance film maker Danique has this natural talent to make great looking video’s. She’s always willing to help us out whenever she has a little gap in her busy agenda.

your title.

Is this your spot?

SISP woundcare is always looking for people with the good vibe, motivation and skills. The team is created around those values and we would love to have you around. 

And our Committee

board member| secretary

van Oort

With his sharp eye for numbers and letter he found himself in the perfect position to analyze and investigate our woundcare project as the overlooking secretary. 

board member | treasurer


As a doctor, Gerald is the one who asks us the critical questions and makes sure that every penny we receive for the project will find a meaningful destination. 

board member | chairman


Sean asked us if he could do something for the project..
That’s how he became the chairmen. With his passion he keeps our team to the point.