We like to tell you more!

Where it all started.

The idea appeared back in 2017, when Freek and Luc went to South- India to shoot a documentary about the value of education for kids in the region around Kovalam. They noticed that a lot of people had bad looking wounds where nobody was taking care of. These citizens weren’t able to receive proper care because they simply could not pay the hospital bill. Wounds worsened and breadwinners of families weren’t able to provide financial support for their family anymore. We felt we could take a bet to set up a project wherein we could help those families.


In order to achieve something we have to start with small steps.

What are we actually doing.

We know that India is big and so are their humanitarian problems. But in order to achieve something we have to start with small steps. We are not changing the world but for some individuals we make impact on a personal level. Our main vision is create as much as impact as possible to better the health related quality of life for unprivileged patients in South- India.

How it looks like in a nutshell.

Our Indian woundcare nurses (Athira) wakes up at 8:00 and starts her day by having a good cup of chai- tea. She takes the bus to work and grabs her wound care materials. We provided a white scooter which drives her to the home visits of patients with wounds. There she provides the best possible woundcare. While making photo’s and writing all the details of the wound she asks help from the dutch woundcare company via our custom build application called woundmonitor. She works from monday untill friday and before the end of the week she reports the progress that has been made to all the partners. 


Why does it work?

We believe that the only reason this project works so well is because we have the right partners at the right place working strongly together for a good cause. Without self-interest.

Let us explain the collaboration.

All of our partners have their personal strength that naturally melts together in this project.

All of our partners have their personal strength that naturally melts together in this project. BBeterzorg is a dutch woundcare center that wants to share their high standard knowledge about woundcare. They keep an eye on all of our woundcare related aspects. Together we created an application called woundmonitor, the name explains it all. It gives us the ability to closely follow the provided woundcare from The Netherlands and give back tips and tricks to India. 

The other partner is the S.I.S.P. education center. This beautiful non- governmental project located in Kovalam already delivered so many graduated Indian kids during the past 20 years that a strong network of friends and family has been formed.They provide our nurse a work-, storage- and  recreation space as a perfect home for the project. At the same time, S.I.S.P. makes sure that our nurse has all the tools she needs and that she keeps her promise. 

During our stay we noticed another non- governmental organisation that had similar ideals. Pallium India provides end of life palliative healthcare to unprivileged patients under the slogan 'care beyond cure'. They are connected to around 80 hospitals in India and include a strong network of doctors, nurses and health care workers. Pallium India provides us a broad geographical insight and knowledge about the Indian healthcare system which we need to survive in this extremely complex country. Permission of governmental institutions was needed and is arranged.  

Last but not least, the website you are now visiting is build (free of charge) by a young startup called New Yellow. This company is doing communication in healthcare and was brought to life by our team member Freek. He will make sure that everything you can find on this website works smoothly.